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AMBAR Air Freshener Spray - Bouquet Floral

AMBAR Air Freshener Spray - Bouquet Floral

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Welcome to the world of AMBAR Air Freshener Spray with its Bouquet Floral scent!

An instant hit of floral aromatic bliss, this brilliantly-scented spritzer will make your home smell like a thousand blossoms just bloomed (at least figuratively speaking). And it's not just for show - our spray neutralises pet odours, cooking smells and tobacco quickly and discreetly, perfect for those moments when you could do without lingering odours. And to top it all off, it's suitable for use on fabrics too - talk about living the sweet-smelling life!

So much more than an air freshener, 280ml of Bouquet Floral spray bliss awaits!

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