Collection: Dribble Days


The bibs are made from very soft, 100% cotton terry towelling material. This material is very durable and perfect for absorbing everything you will encounter day-to-day with your baby, but also ideal for their sensitive skin. The soft nature of the bib will mean your baby will happily wear it all day without any worry of irritation around the neck. 

A synthetic interlining in the middle of the bib, sandwiched between two thick layers of terry towelling adds to the protection. Now, terry towelling is pretty impressive stuff, but with this additional layer acting as a barrier between dribble and your Little One, you can be sure that they will stay dry no matter how messy they might be.

The bibs come in two shapes: a strawberry, and a star. These are both unique to Dribble Days, and are designed to increase the area of your baby covered by the bib, so (you guessed it) everywhere is dry. 

Just throw it in the wash overnight and it’ll be ready to be by your baby’s side in the morning!

Oh, and we think the bibs look pretty cool too.