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Our favourite Nenuco products are back in stock and the shop is smelling amazing!

Established in 1939, Nenuco has been Spain’s best loved baby cologne for over 75 years.  Nenuco was created specifically for babies & children, the scent is truly unique -  light and fresh, lemony but soft too. Perfect to give your baby a lovely fresh fragrance without overpowering his or her senses.

For many Spanish adults, a whiff of Nenuco on a passing child is enough to transport them back to childhood.  They continue using it in adulthood because it smells wonderful!

Nenuco baby cologne is suitable to use on children of all ages, including newborns. The formula delivers all the tender love and care a baby’s skin needs. Since the formula is clinically tested, you can feel comfortable placing the product directly on your baby’s skin or clothes. 

In the UK we do not have a long tradition of using cologne on babies, though modern mum's are much more likely to do so.

The collection includes the traditional cologne/colonia in both a spray bottle and a large refill bottle, liquid soap, body lotion, washing powder, fabric softener, wipes and air fresheners perfect for scenting your home with the iconic Nenuco smell.

Our favourite product is the Nenuco colonia in the refill size, it has so many uses and not just for the skin.  Here are some of our favorite uses - 

  • Use a splash in the fabric softener compartment for lemony fresh laundry.
  • Add to your mop bucket for sparkling floors and a fresh smelling home.
  • Splash on to skin on a hot day to freshen up - I keep mine in the fridge!
  • Spray on laundry, linen, in the wardrobe or to freshen up trainers & shoes.
  • I use in the evening on holiday as I find it helps repel mosquitos.

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