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Vileda Original Glass Cleaning Cloth

Vileda Original Glass Cleaning Cloth

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Love your mirrors and windows again with the Vileda glass cleaning cloth!

This streak-beating super-cloth will have your glass sparkling like new - no more grimey residue! Keep your surfaces smudge-free and your reflections looking great!

Product Highlights

1. Clean and Streak-Free

Cleaning windows with smears can be strenuous. With our Window Cloth, however, you can easily achieve brilliance and a streak-free shine. No more streaks!

2. Particle pick-up

Unlike other non-woven glass cleaning cloths, this cleaner performs with an even better dust and dirt particle pick-up.

3. Machine-Washable

To clean your glass cleaning cloth, simply pop your window cloth pad in your washing machine at up to 60 °C or rinse it by hand and reuse it.

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